The Colin Glen Trust’s reclamation of the Colin Glen between the Stewartstown Road and the Glen Road began in the mid 80’s with the cleansing of part of the Colin River and has now grown into one of the largest community-led environmental schemes in Europe.

History of the Trust

The Colin Glen Trust was formed in October 1989 to succeed several Action for Community Employment organisations in the local area and is overseen by a voluntary Board of Directors, representative of both communities in the area.

The Trust moved into their current offices in 1995, providing office accommodation and public access space (including exhibition space and teaching rooms).

Trust Board Members

The current members of the Colin Glen Trust Board are:

  • Chairman David Raymond
  • Cllr Jenny Palmer
  • Cllr Charlene O’Hara
  • Jonathan McCluggage
  • Derek McCallan
  • Tim Duffy

Future Plans for Colin Glen

In 1994, the Trust took over the Old Dunmurry Golf Course, through which the Colin River runs and since then have turned it from a loss making venture to a profitable one, whilst providing affordable, quality golf and protecting this valuable green space. The Course is now known as the Colin Valley Golf Course.

The Board of Directors of Colin Glen Trust is planning to ensure the future of the Trust through developing the Golf Course, alongside a Driving Range, Clubhouse and a Garden Centre outlet. The success of these ventures, will ensure the management of the Forest Park, Forest Park Centre and the Education Programme provided to Schools, Colleges and Community Groups in the Forest Park. The Golf already supports itself and provides support for two officers undertaking the conservation of the river valley.