The Park is a beautiful wooded river glen, consisting of 200 acres of scenic woodland, grass land, waterfalls and ponds. The Park has a network of over 3.5 miles of wheelchair and pram friendly paths, providing walks of various lengths and difficulties, with the main starting point at the Forest Park Centre..

Walking in Colin Glen

Self guided routes are provided through way-marked trails of varying lengths and difficulties allowing a wide range of visitors to enjoy Belfastís hidden jewel. The trails are marked by coloured arrows and an explanatory sign. View the Trails Map

The Forest Park also provides access to the magnificent upper Colin Glen, which is owned by The National Trust, where the walker’s challenge is more difficult, but the views make the walk worthwhile. Suitable footwear is advised for walkers intending to visit the upper glen.

Why not stop by Mona’s Cafe for a coffee after your walk?

Running and training in the Park

Colin Glen Forest Park offers a variety of challenging routes for those interested in testing their fitness.  Whether walking, jogging or running, the Colin Glen Forest Park is capable of providing you with a wide variety of challenging, testing routes.

With over six miles of undulating terrain, alongside the Colin River you will never get bored with your chosen path.  The paths themselves are all in good condition and are wheelchair or pram friendly.  Get to the top of the Park and the views over Belfast add to the health rewards that you will have gained in getting there.